Proposed Projects

As part of its responsibilities Northern Water collaborates with its constituents to plan and implement water projects to meet future water needs in Northern Colorado.

The proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project northwest of Fort Collins would provide approximately 40,000 acre-feet of new, reliable water supply to project participants.

The Windy Gap Firming Project would provide water to 13 communities and water districts in Northern Colorado. The project would “firm” the Windy Gap Project’s existing yield by adding necessary storage.

Proposed Glade Reservoir SiteProposed Glade Reservoir Site Glade Reservoir is part of the proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project and would be located northwest of Fort Collins and north of Horsetooth Reservoir.

Northern Integrated Supply Project

The Northern Integrated Supply Project proposal includes construction of the 170,000-acre-foot Glade Reservoir northwest of Fort Collins. The 5-mile-long, 260-foot-deep reservoir would be located north of Horsetooth Reservoir. It would be filled with water diverted from the Poudre River via the existing Poudre Valley Canal. Learn more»

Windy Gap Firming Project

The Windy Gap Firming Project includes construction of the 90,000-acre-foot Chimney Hollow Reservoir on the East Slope west of Carter Lake. Besides water storage, the reservoir could offer fishing and non-motorized boating, open space trails, wildlife habitat and connections to an existing trails system. Learn more»