Pipelines & Outlets

Every year, the Colorado-Big Thompson Project transports more than 200,000 acre-feet of water from the upper Colorado River basin to the East Slope via the 13.1-mile Alva B. Adams Tunnel beneath the Continental Divide. The water is collected and distributed via 12 reservoirs, 35 miles of tunnels and 95 miles of canals.

Pleasant Valley Pipeline ProjectPleasant Valley Pipeline ProjectConstruction on the 8.5-mile pipeline project was completed in 2004.

Pleasant Valley Pipeline Project

The 8.5-mile Pleasant Valley Pipeline is designed to flow by gravity in two directions without the need for pumps, associated infrastructure or pumping costs. Learn more»

Carter Lake Outlet Project

The $12 million Carter Lake Outlet Project, completed in 2008, supplements the reservoir's original outlet built in the early 1950s. Learn more»

Southern Water Supply Project

The Southern Water Supply Project pipeline carries Colorado-Big Thompson and Windy Gap water 110 miles from Carter Lake to several Northeastern Colorado communities. Learn more»
Southern Water Supply Project II

Design and right-of-way activities are underway for the Southern Water Supply Project II, a 20-mile pipeline from Carter Lake Reservoir to the Boulder Reservoir. Learn more>>