Green Mountain Reservoir

Green Mountain Reservoir is located on the Blue River approximately 12 miles southeast of Kremmling, CO. Built between 1938 and 1943, the reservoir, dam and power plant were the first Colorado-Big Thompson Project facilities constructed.

Green Mountain Reservoir's primary purpose is to compensate West Slope residents for water diverted to the East Slope by the C-BT Project.

Green Mountain Reservoir
Green Mountain Reservoir

First CB-T Project Power Plant on West Slope
The Green Mountain Power Plant, part of the C-BT Project power system, began producing electricity in May 1943. It is one of eight C-BT Project hydroelectric power plants, and one only two on the West Slope.

Located at the base of Green Mountain Dam, the 25.8-megawatt power plant cost $1.5 million to build. Green Mountain Reservoir has a capacity of 154,645 acre-feet of water and 19 miles of shoreline. The dam is 309 feet high.

Green Mountain Reservoir Recreation
Green Mountain Reservoir, located in the White River National Forest, has five campgrounds, several boat ramps, a swim beach and a marina. See the C-BT Project Recreation - West Slope page for more information.