Flatiron Reservoir

Flatiron Reservoir is located southwest of Loveland, CO and north of Carter Lake. It is a central distribution point for Colorado-Big Thompson Project water to Northeastern Colorado.
Water flows from Pinewood Reservoir through Bald Mountain Tunnel then down the Flatiron Penstocks into the Flatiron Power Plant, which discharges into Flatiron Reservoir.
Flatiron Reservoir
Flatiron Reservoir

Flatiron Reservoir serves as the afterbay for the Flatiron Power Plant and to store C-BT Project water for delivery to the Big Thompson River and Horsetooth Reservoir via the Hansen Feeder Canal.
Water Pumped to Carter Lake
Water can also be pumped from Flatiron Reservoir through the Carter Lake Pressure Tunnel to Carter Lake. From there, deliveries are made to the Little Thompson River, St. Vrain Creek, Boulder Creek, South Platte River and Southern Water Supply Project pipeline.

The reservoir was built between 1951 and 1953 and cost $1.2 million. Flatiron Reservoir has a capacity of 760 acre-feet of water, 47 surface acres, 2 miles of shoreline and its maximum depth is 18 feet.

Flatiron Reservoir Recreation While boating and swimming are not permitted at Flatiron, visitors can picnic, camp and fish. Picnic and campground facilities are located on the northwest side of the reservoir. For more information, see the C-BT Recreation - East Slope page.