Environmental Stewardship

Northern Water participates in numerous environmental stewardship programs, including protecting and restoring endangered species’ habitat on the Platte River, re-establishing threatened and endangered fish species in the Upper Colorado River basin, and helping provide emission-free hydroelectric power to thousands of customers in three states.

Whooping Crane HabitatWhooping Crane Habitat
The endangered whooping crane is one of several species targeted for recovery as part of the Platte River Recovery and Implementation Program.

Upper Colorado River Recovery

Northern Water and numerous other organizations, and federal, state and local agencies are working to re-establish populations of threatened and endangered fish species in the Upper Colorado River basin. Learn more»

Windy Gap Firming Project
Final Environmental Impact Statement

This federal document describes mitigation measures for the possible environmental impacts of the Windy Gap Firming Project, a proposal to build Chimney Hollow Reservoir west of Carter Lake near Loveland, CO. Learn more»

Clean Energy

Decades before “carbon footprint” was a common term, Colorado-Big Thompson Project hydroelectric plants began producing billions of kilowatt hours of clean electrical energy for thousands of residents in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska. Learn more»

Platte River Recovery

Northern Water is working with a group of 60 Colorado water users, including municipal, agricultural and industrial interests, two other states and the U.S. Department of the Interior to help restore endangered species’ habitat in the Platte River basin. Learn more»

Northern Integrated Supply Project
Supplemental Draft Environmental Impact Statement

This required environmental document examines all the possible environmental impacts of the Northern Integrated Supply Project. The project includes a proposed 170,000-acre-foot reservoir north of Fort Collins. Learn more»

Riparian Streamflows

The Colorado-Big Thompson Project's Lake Granby was the first federally-owned dam and reservoir in the Western U.S. to stipulate year-round minimum water releases. Learn more»