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C-BT Project map C-BT Project
Map shows the Colorado-Big Thompson Project, Northern Water boundaries and facilities.

 C-BT, Northern Water location maps Location Maps
Maps show the Colorado-Big Thompson Project and Northern Water's boundaries in relation to the rest of Colorado and the Western United States.

 Windy Gap Project map Windy Gap Project
Map shows the Windy Gap Reservoir, dam and and pipeline to Lake Granby.

 C-BT Recreation West Slope map C-BT Recreation West Slope
Map shows boat launches and campgrounds on West Slope C-BT lakes and reservoirs.

  C-BT Watersheds
Map shows the Colorado-Big Thompson Project watersheds.

Water collection & distribution systems map Collection & Distribution
Map shows Northern Water's water collection and distribution systems, including reservoirs and pipelines.

C-BT West Slope water collection system map West Slope
Map shows the water collection system on Colorado's West Slope.

  East Slope
Map shows the water distribution system on Colorado's East Slope.

 C-BT Recreation East Slope map C-BT Recreation East Slope
Map shows East Slope C-BT lakes and reservoirs. To see individual recreation maps of East Slope lakes and reservoirs, select a link below.
East Slope Recreation Maps:
Boulder Reservoir 
Carter Lake 
Horsetooth Reservoir 
Flatiron Reservoir 
Pinewood Reservoir 
Lake Estes 
Mary's Lake