Weather Data Users: Thanks to all who came to our first Weather Network Users Meeting on March 3, 2020. We appreciated the interactions with you and most of all, the feedback you provided. We are working to make sure the current website is ready for the 2020 irrigation season. The historical electronic data have been loaded into the new database and daily and hourly data are queryable for each period of record. However, long delays may occur if you try to extract more than one period of record at a time. Hourly downloads for period of record will be slow. If you have difficulty downloading large datasets, please contact us at Also, if you notice anomalies in the data, please contact us via email. We will keep you informed as we get closer to release of the new web portal. It will have user-configurable web services capability—rest services users please take note. Thank you for your patience. We are excited to offer a new data portal experience to you.


Favorites remember your Weather Stations and Weather Categories selections, and can be saved using the "Save as Favorite…" button in Step 3.
Up to 5 favorites can be stored.  Click on a favorite to run it.

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Step 1: Select Weather Stations

Select one or more weather stations from the list, then click Step 2.

101 Fort Collins East
102 Loveland
103 Longmont South
104 Eaton
105 Gilcrest
106 Wiggins
107 Brush
108 Sterling
109 Crook
110 Ovid
111 Johnson's Corner
220 Berthoud
222 Fort Morgan
224 Greeley West
225 Fort Lupton
226 Longmont West
228 Fort Collins Central
230 Boulder South West
233 Boulder North West
350 Windy Gap
352 Shadow Mountain

Step 2: Select Weather Categories

Weather categories are grouped by their measurement type. Select one or more weather categories, then click Step 3.
(Please note: the graph display is limited to two weather category types.)

Relative Humidity
Vapor Pressure
PrecipitationClick for station information
Wind Speed
Wind Direction
Solar Radiation

Step 3: Adjust Time Interval (optional)

Select a Time Interval, Start Date and End Date, then click Refresh Data. View results in Step 4.

Start Date
Start Date
End Date
Start Week
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End Week
<<<May 2020>>>
Start Month
End Month
Start Quarter
End Quarter
Start Year
End Year

Step 4: View Results

To view results, choose selections from Steps 1 to 3 above.