Director Vacancies

The 12-member Northern Water and Municipal Subdistrict boards establish policy and strategic direction. Directors are appointed by district court judges within Northern Water boundaries. Three of the 12 directors are appointed to 4-year terms each fall.

Notices for all board of director vacancies will be posted and downloadable from this page.

To be considered for a director vacancy an individual must:

  • Have resided within Northern Water boundaries for one year
  • Be the owner of real property within Northern Water boundaries and within the county (or counties) in which the vacant director position exists
  • Be knowledgeable in water matters
Monthly Meetings
The boards hold monthly meetings and Planning & Action Sessions at Northern Water’s Berthoud headquarters. The meetings are open to the public.

For information on the boards and vacancies, contact:

Jeff Stahla, Public Information Officer 
Northern Water reception: 800-369-7246 (RAIN)
Direct line: 970-622-2331
Cell: 970-646-5815