Allotment Contract Information

This section contains information about allotment contracts, storage and parking agreements, assessments and liens. For questions about specific allotment contracts or transferring contract ownership, please contact:

Sherri Rasmussen
Northern Water
220 Water Ave.
Berthoud, CO 80513
800-369-7246 (RAIN)

Class D Contracts

Class D contracts attach a water allotment to a specific tract of land for agricultural purposes. Learn more»

Class B & C Contracts

Class B contracts consist of Temporary Use permits, original Class B contracts and Section 131 contracts for municipal purposes. Class C contracts are available for municipal, domestic, irrigation, multipurpose and industrial uses. Learn more»

Storage & Parking Agreements

Storing or parking C-BT Project allotment contract units violates Northern Water policies. A qualified allottee may place an allotment contract in the Inactive Allotment Contract Account for up to 12 months. Learn more»


Find information about Class B, Class C and Class D assessments and inactive accounts here. Learn more»

Effective January 14, 2016, the Northern Water Board of Directors adopted Resolution D-1264-01-16, Changes to Allotment Contracts Resulting in Open Rate Classification. Learn more»

Water Assessments and Rate Study

2020 Water Assessments
2020 water assessments for open-rate irrigation contracts is 27.40 per acre-foot, and assessments for open-rate municipal, industrial and multipurpose $46.50.

The Board followed its general rate-setting objectives, which are outlined in its 2014 forward guidance resolution. Among other objectives, the resolution proposed a 2-year step increase in assessments beginning in 2016, and moving irrigation assessments towards a cost-of-service based rate. Both of these objectives are represented in the 2018 assessments.

Water Assessments Estimate for 2021
The Board passed a resolution at its Oct. 12, 2017, meeting providing an estimate of water assessments for 2020. The estimated range of open-rate irrigation assessments in 2021 is $28.20 to $30.00 per acre-foot unit. The estimated range of open-rate municipal, industrial and multipurpose assessments for 2019 is $47.80 to $50.80 per acre-foot unit. 

For information on water assessments, please contact Sherri Rasmussen at 970-622-2217.

Northern Water Completes Water Rate Study
The 2014 forward guidance resolution came after a comprehensive rate study that Northern Water conducted for more than eight months in 2013 and 2014. The four public meetings that were part of the study included two public hearings in May and June of 2014.

The water rate study was conducted to determine what adjustments are needed in Northern Water’s revenue structure, primarily its water assessment rates, to ensure the future financial health of the organization and to meet operation and maintenance commitments to the Colorado-Big Thompson Project.

For more information on the rate study, please contact Jerry Gibbens at 970-622-2299 or email

Rate Study Documents
Final Cost of Service Rate Study Report
Rate Hearing Information and Documents
June 5: Rate Study Handout
June 5: Rate Hearing Notebook Update
May 1: Rate Hearing Notebook
May 1: Rate Hearing Process and Comments Presentation
May 1: Rate Study Hearing Presentation
April 9: Rate Study Meeting at Spring Water Users Meeting
Jan. 10: Rate Study Meeting

Deadlines to Submit Completed Water Transfer Applications:
Applications for transfer will not be considered unless a complete set of all documents are received on or before the first business day of the month preceding the Board meeting. However, whether a transfer is placed on the Board agenda for a particular meeting is dependent on a number of factors, including, without limitation, the number of proposed transfers or whether the transfer raises issues that may require additional time for Board consideration and potential action. There is no guarantee that the Board will consider or act on a particular transfer by a date certain.